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The Horton Street Seniors' Centre has an extensive aquatics program. Members can enjoy recreational and fitness swims in the Aquaplex Pool and Wellness Pool at no charge.

Aquatic exercise classes are held daily in both pools for an additional fee.*

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, exercise classes are postponed until further notice. The Aquaplex Pool is open however the Wellness Pool will not be available at this time.

Aquaplex Pool

Aquaplex Pool 05


  • 25 meter competitive swimming pool
  • 6 lanes
  • 83-degree temperature
  • Fully accessible with a long ramp with railings for entry along with a water wheelchair
  • 125 people capacity (pre-COVID-19 capacity)
  • 6 people capacity whirlpool (pre-COVID-19 capacity; closed until further notice)

During recreational swims, members can enjoy lane swimming or float and enjoy the water at their own leisure.

London Life Family Wellness Pool

This pool is closed until further notice.

Wellness Pool 03


  • Therapy pool (92-94° F) with water jets
  • Fully accessible with chair lift
  • In water seated area
  • 77 people capacity (pre-COVID capacity)

Members can relax and enjoy therapy jets in a seated area or perform their own rehabilitation and exercise programs in the pool. In water, Gentle Fit classes are held daily helping members improve their balance, strength and mobility.

Aqua-Fit and Gentle Fit Sessions

Aqua-Fit and Gentle Fit classes are postponed until further notice.


Pre-registration for swim times is mandatory. The Wellness Pool (therapy pool) is closed until further notice.

Please refer to the program schedule for session dates (page 2) and COVID-19 guidelines posted below.

Each time block will allow a maximum registration of 14 swimmers. This includes 6 swimmers allowed in the recreation swim area, as well as 4 single lanes which will be limited to 1 person each. If two swimmers from the same household wish to share a lane, they will be permitted to do so.

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Please Note

At this time, all HSSC programs and activities are reserved for members. Visitors may contact us to inquire whether or not spaces are available.

For more information:

For specific inquiries or concerns about Aquatic Programs, please contact:
Jason Munns
519-434-9115 ext. 246

For general inquiries or to register for programs, please contact:

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The HSSC is now open! Read our update for all the details which includes the program schedule. Our updates are also posted on Facebook .

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