NLS - Program Model

Nl Sfinal Horizontal Trans 01Program Model

Next Level Sports is unique as it functions on a level system. We have four levels of skill: acquisition, development, maintenance, and competition. These four levels allow us to keep athletes in our program for longer, and allow them to become well rounded team players. Our goal is to allow athletes to progress and level up through our programs. Using short evaluations at the end of our camps and programs, coaches can determine if athletes are ready to level up.

Level 1 - Acquisition: Learn the basic skills sport, build mobility and sport-specific strength, build agility and speed.

Level 2 - Development: Learn advanced skills of sport, maintain basic skills under pressure, introduction of decision making.

Level 3 - Maintenance: Perform both basic and advanced skills in game play simulation, technical and tactical decision making.

Level 4 - Competition: Perform all skills in a game-play situation, compete in small competition and full game-play.

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